I was born in Houston, TX in 1960. I grew up both in Beaumont, TX and in Smith’s Station, Alabama. Most of my formative years I spent exploring the Alabama woods with my older brother, Monty. I became a mechanic at the age of 16 and quit school to work full time. When I was 23 I met Jesus and was born again. I have worked as an automobile mechanic for 30 years. My hobbies are tennis, biking, hiking, and bird watching. My former hobbies of scuba diving and deep sea fishing went by the wayside when I sold my boat to buy Jennifer an engagement ring. Little did I know that she had sold her ring finger to buy me an anchor (just kidding).

In our district of Balama, I am known as simply “Bama.” The Portuguese & Meetto tongues cannot say a word that ends with a consonant very well, so “Brad” usually comes out sounding like “Blah-gee.” So a local missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators who has lived in Mozambique for over 20 years nicknamed me “Bama” from the years I spent in Alabama. So if you ever get over our way and arrive in Balama without us knowing, you can ask any local person for “Bama de Balama” and they will point you to our house. We love being surprised by guests!

God's Grease Monkey


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