Evangelism and Church Planting

2006 - 2009

Church Bldg Frame

Our family lives and ministers in the District of Balama, Cabo Delgado Province, Northern Mozambique, East Africa. There are many villages in our district that have no church and the majority of the people are Muslim or Animist.

From 2006-2009, our main method of church planting was the "traditional" model, in which we would go into an area and hold evangelistic meetings, invite people to come to Christ and then proceed by building them a church building in which to meet.  Our goal has been that every village in the district will have a church within walking distance and that every person will hear the gospel. We work in conjunction with an indigenous Mozambican church called the Assembleia de Deus Evangelica, which has a good relationship in our district with the governmental officials and can supply pastors for the new church plants that can speak the local language, Makhuwa-Meetto.

Because of the necessity of constructing a church building quickly to encourage Muslim converts to “stay the course,” we helped them by providing building materials for the buildings. We located and purchased bamboo, wooden support beams, cord, plastic (to waterproof the roof) and thatch so they could erect a building that is easy for them to maintain.

Although the Muslims of our people group are peaceful and not devout (they go to mosque just for the social life), it is still very difficult for them to embrace Jesus because of the repercussions in their family community. Some families will take their daughter away from her husband if he converts, for example. Also, a very important thing to them is that they have people at their funeral.  If they trust in Jesus, they lose many friends and are ostracized, which is difficult for them to handle because they are afraid nobody will mourn them when they die. They also live very communally in extended family groups, so anything that changes drastically in their family structure presents many obstacles to overcome.

Starting in 2009, we've adopted a new approach to church planting which you can read about here.

Church Matipani


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