Contact Details

If you have something you'd like to send us (like money), you can send it to this address:

Brad & Jennifer Salyer

P.O. Box 5009

Beaumont, TX 77726-5009

Our bradnjenministries treasurer will take care of getting it where it needs to be.

Our email address remains:

If you wish to send us a letter or a package (the Priority Mail Flat Rate Box works great!), you can send it to the following address:

Brad & Jennifer Salyer

CP 396

Pemba, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique

There is no zip code, but there are several Pembas in Africa, so please make sure it has “Mozambique” on there!

Or if you'd like to give us a ring to encourage us, our numbers are:

Vodacom: 011-258-84-125-9199 or +258-84-125-9199
Movitel: 011-258-86-388-4644 or +258-86-388-4644
Mcel: 011-258-82-727-2674 or +258-82-727-2674

Vodacom: 011-258-84-774-3019 or +258847743019

Movitel: 011-258-86-388-4641 or +258863884641
Mcel: 011-258-82-543-0422 or +258-82-543-0422


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