Well, many questions often arise when our age difference is discovered (13 ½ years). Jennifer was boy crazy as a young single lady. She was convinced that every man she met was the one she would marry. In order to overcome her “addiction” and draw closer to the Lord, she spent her time in California and in Beaumont shortly after, searching for a church fellowship devoid of young men her own age. God had become so important to her that she wanted to focus solely on Him and knew that if there were any “eligible” men present, she would not focus on God, but men. So the solution seemed easy – to just protect herself! Well, when you go to a church fellowship with no men your own age, you simply end up marrying a man almost 14 years older! We met at Faith Community Fellowship in Beaumont, Texas. Both of us were smitten pretty early on, but were unwilling to admit it.

And Brad’s side? Well, he didn’t think he’d ever get married and was not looking, but then this young lady came to the Church Fellowship he was a part of and stole his heart. What ensued was what we call “accidental courtship.” Read, “The Two Shall Become One…”

The best thing about our age difference? When Brad's in his nineties, he'll still see Jen as his “sweet, young babe!!!”


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