Antthara Yesu

Antthara Yesu

As of 2009, our primary method to reach the Makhuwa-Meetto people has been the “Church Planting Movement.” It is basically a house-church system. The ultimate goal of this method is that evangelism and new house churches will be facilitated totally by the indigenous population, which frees the missionary to move to other unreached groups and start again.

We currently have CPM churches in the villages of Tatongo, Sapamoto, Lusaka, Ntola and Quionga.

Antthara Yesu is the name of the CPM churches. This phrase means “Followers of Jesus.” This name was chosen to differentiate these churches from the local Catholic churches. As in many countries, the people here assume if you're not Muslim, you're Catholic. To their minds being a “Christian” means one is Catholic and for 400 years, the Catholics have been the Muslims bitter enemy. They will not listen to anyone that they assume is a Catholic or a Christian.

You can read more about the CPM approach to world evangelization here or here or here.  Mission Frontiers has some good articles here.  And here's a good video about CPMs.


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