Give from South Africa

For South Africans:

This is just to let you know that if you feel led to make a contribution, here are the details that would make it possible.

Method number one:

Go to your local post office and tell them you would like to make a deposit in Brad Salyer's Wizzit account, number 100088723, Post office Reference 0249.


Method number two:

Go to any ABSA branch and fill out a deposit form as follows:

In the space marked "Credit"- Fill in "Wizzit- SA Bank of Athens"

In the space marked "Acc no"- Fill in "4061314193"

In the space marked "Dep reference"- Fill in "40000097590"

N.B. - the account numbers are different at the Post Office and at ABSA.


Method Number Three:

For an internal transfer from your bank in South Africa, you need the following:

South Africa Bank of Athens

Branch Name: 410700 EBS Wizzit

Account #: 40000097590

This came from a South African friend who was transferring directly from his bank (FNB).

I have at last, having tried nearly all day, made a payment to your Wizzit account. In the end I went to the Wizzit website and under Customer Support it gives specific instructions from 4 SA banks.
For mine, FNB: they say: 
Name of Customer: Brad Salyer
Wizzit Account Number: 40000097590

Account Type: Savings
Name of Bank: SA Bank of Athens
Branch Number: 410700
Reference Number or your name:
John Doe
Amount you want to transfer:


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