Jen in Ministry


When I was 16, I felt the Lord leading me into missions. Unfortunately, I did not want to be a doctor or a teacher, so I didn’t think God could use me on the mission field. I had no idea that God might want to use me as a supportive wife to a church-planter and simply raise kids on the field. This was my dream, though, to be able to raise children in a foreign land and impart a love for other cultures and a passion for sharing Jesus with the world. Incidently, I had a good friend from church that was on the same Brazil trip with Brad. I could have gone also, but did not. We were part of the same church, but did not know each other.

In 1990, our church youth group went to Brownsville, Texas on a mission trip. We also went to Matamoros, Mexico and did door-to-door evangelism.

In 1991, I participated in a mission trip to Inner-city Washington D.C. with Calvary Baptist Church youth group. We did backyard Bible clubs in the housing projects.

In the summer of 1993, as a college student, I worked at Kids Across America, a sports camp designed to minister the gospel to underprivileged youth.

From 1994-1995, I was involved in Mission. This was a ministry of Grace Bible Church in College Station, Texas. It was basically a big brother program to share the love of Jesus with underprivileged youth.

During the summer of 1995, I again worked at Kids Across America.

After graduating from college (with a degree in Russian Language), I spent the year 1996 in the Russian Far East ministering with The Navigators. We taught and encouraged new believers. The Navigators were part of a huge endeavor in Russia at the time called The CoMission Project.

In 1997 and ’98, I participated in the EDGECorps. This was an internship program of the Navigators in which we did hands-on ministry in a collegiate setting, received Biblical training from long-term Nav Staff, and went on a cross-cultural ministry trip. I spent one and a half years ministering on campus at California State University – Long Beach through this program. Our cross-cultural trip took us to Bergen, Norway for 5 weeks in the summer of ’98.



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