Somebody once said, "You don't pray for the work; prayer is the work."  Especially necessary is prayer for the CPM method of church planting that we are doing.  About every 2 months, we send out a newsletter which has specific prayer requests in it.  If you would like to receive a newsletter, you can subscribe on the right sidebar of the webpages. We really appreciate all the prayers you would like to make on our behalf!

If you believe that God answers prayer (we do) and you'd like some preliminary prayer requests, you can start with these:

  1. Safety for our family in our village of Balama - specifically safety from accidents, from bites (snake & insect) and from thieves
  2. Safety for our family when we travel (once a month we have to drive 5 hours one way to buy our groceries for the month)
  3. Health for our family - especially protection from malaria, giardia, dysentery & other tropical illnesses
  4. Favor with local & national government & church officials
  5. Bible translation work in our village to progress speedily & with accuracy so that soon we'll be able to distribute complete New Testaments to the Meetto speakers.  As of 2012, only available to them is Genesis, Jonah, Mark & James.  There is a desperate need for godly character amongst the local translation team & a desire in them to reach their own people. They have experienced tremendous setbacks in the last two years.
  6. Strength & courage for Brad as he travels to extremely rural areas to bring the Light of Jesus Christ & the Life that He offers to all who would receive His love
  7. The Meetto speakers (about 800,000) amongst whom we work:
    • receptive to the good news of Jesus Christ
    • freedom from fear that rules their lives
    • freedom from ancestor worship
    • that they would not only embrace Christ, but would share Him with others as well - that they would be evangelical


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