We would love to have you participate with us by sending us a package of blessings.  Our mothers have both successfully sent packages many times.  If you go to your local Post Office, you can get a Priority Mail Flat Rate box and take it home and fill it.  There are 2 different sizes and both hold plenty.  The beauty of a flat rate box is that no matter how much your box weighs, the price to send is the same (up to 20lbs.)  If you are interested in this, please send us an email asking for special requests of things, as we frequently have need of something only available in the United States.


Here's some things you might like to put in our boxes:

Dried blueberries
Welch's Grape Jam (squeeze bottles)
Liquid Smoke (any flavor)
Dried pineapples
Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning
Ranch dressing packets
Tex-Joy steak seasoning (no MSG) Bean Dip
Good Season's Italian dressing packets Pepperonis (sliced)
summer sausage
Spam (any variety) Goldfish snack crackers
Honey Roasted peanuts
Hormel premium real crumbled bacon
wheat germ
French's Mustard Flavored Black teas
Chocolate chips - semi-sweet
Celestial Seasoning's Tea (any flavor, but not green or white tea) Crystal Light (any flavor but fruit punch)
Taco shells & tortilla chips
Brown sugar Ro-Tel tomatoes
Velveeta cheese
Johnson's Lavender scented baby powder Lego's mini-figures any other Lego's
Amazon gift cards (esp. Kindle)
iTunes gift cards batteries (AA or AAA)


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