Salyer Family in Ministry


In September 1999, only one month after we married, we went with some others from our church to the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. In a short ten days, we saw some amazing things happen by the power of God. We saw many people come to Christ and we saw many people miraculously healed. We also saw the amazing protection of God, as the Muslims had declared Jihad on the island and there were random bombs going off in many places. The war came within a mile from one of the villages where we ministered. The Hand of the Lord was truly upon us.

In June 2000, we returned to Mindanao with some church members, but we were joined by a group of Bible school students. This trip had a different dynamic altogether, but was also pretty amazing. It was on this trip that we saw God deliver us from the snare of the enemy. The chief of a Muslim village invited us to visit their mosque and share our mission with them. Our pastor, who was with us, initially agreed and was very excited about the prospect. And, of course our handful of very zealous Bible students were beside themselves they were so thrilled. Then pastor got a very uneasy feeling about the situation and made the decision as our trip leader that we shouldn’t go. All of us were upset until we heard that the village was a MILF base. The MILF is the Muslim army in the Philippines that receives funds from Bin-Laden. They had been inviting Westerners in to visit their village and mosque and then taking them hostage. No doubt we would have been next if God had not protected us. Probably the biggest success of this trip was that some of the Bible school students felt lead to form a team and start a long-term ministry on the island. Their link is on our website.

In 2001 and 2002, in the midst of having babies, we also became the spiritual parents of the young adults at our church. We hosted and led the young adult group right up until we moved to Africa.

In January 2003, we had the privilege of leading some of our spiritual “children” on a short-term mission trip to Belize City, Belize. We had a wonderful time of ministry there with a dear Caribbean pastor. We had several opportunities to preach the gospel in school assemblies. Also, we went to the pastor’s home village called Gales Point. It was a very rural community jutting out into the sea and took us several hours of driving in an old “yellow-dog” school bus on a very rough dirt road to get there. Looking back now, we would love to have that kind of road in Balama, as it pales in comparison to the ones we have. It would serve as a national highway in Mozambique! God totally blessed our time in Belize and encouraged us with the fact that we could take our small children with us on the field.


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