We would love to welcome you to our home.  We have room for visitors and we have a great love of entertaining people in our home.  We have already had several visits from fellow missionaries who come out and visit us from the city so they can experience the peace of rural Mozambique.  If you would like to visit us, you must know that it will really take at least 2 weeks to have a decent experience (although 3 is ideal, depending on how much of Southern Africa you want to see).  To drive from Cape Town, South Africa at an easy clip of about 8-10 hours per day takes 10 days, maybe less.  So flying is generally the preferred method of travel.  The nearest airport in Pemba (coastal town 260 km east of us) receives flights several times a week from Johannesburg, South Africa (SA Airlink) and from Maputo, Mozambique (on LAM).  For extremely great advice on planning a trip to visit us, please go to our friends' website: & click on the link "Come Visit Us." The families from this team live 60km east of us, in Montepuez where the paved road ends. They have hosted interns & visitors every year from the States.



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