Water for Thirsty Villages

2006 - 2011

Village Well

In Northern Mozambique during the dry season, most of the hand-dug wells go dry, leaving the people to drink water from the rivers or other unclean sources. This results in many people dying of cholera and dysentery. One of our desires is to drill water wells in areas hardest hit by drought. We have an LS100 drilling machine that can drill a well 100 feet deep and be operated by only two people.

In October 2006, Gabe Hilliard from Missions Resource International visited us to help launch our drilling ministry. The Hilliard family lives in Mexico, where they also have a well-drilling ministry. Brad, Gabe and Gabe’s son Payden drilled four wells during the Hilliard’s stay with us. Two of the wells are producing very well and two only have a little water. But the fact that they did four wells in such a short time (two months) was a miracle. Our biggest obstacle is sourcing materials and water for the drilling. PVC pipe is difficult to get – usually it’s a 4.5 hour drive, one way, to get it. And our machine uses a lot of water because of the type of drill it is, and sometimes it takes many trips to remote ponds to get the amount of water necessary to keep the machine running. Gabe said he was totally unprepared for how difficult it would be just to acquire supplies.

As of 2011, there have been many more wells installed by the government just before elections in an attempt to garner votes. Unfortunately, as these were drilled a couple of years ago, many have not been maintained and are inoperable. We are now doing well rehabilitation on those wells.


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